The leader-vocalist of GDR explains the band’s name in this way: “GDR is a non-existent country like Atlantida. It’s a mythical place; it’s a protection from the destroying impact caused by the time. The word “GDR” is engraved in your mind, because everybody from our childhood is used to reading three-letter words on the fence: “Tsoy (Цой), Khoy (Хой)… Now it’ll be GDR”.

There are four members in the band: Alexander “Sanches” Andreev (the author of music and lyrics, vocalist), Grigory Mashtalir (guitarist), Vladimir Tkachyov (bassist) and Sergey Zakharov (drummer). The band appeared less than a year ago, the date of its foundation was the 7th October 2005, because exactly that day in the bassist’s notebook there was written a short entry: “The first repetition with GDR”.

A song named “Jonathan” became GDR’s main hit (top-3 in the “Two capitals chart” on the MAXIMUM radio station during 25 weeks. Besides GDR there were only two bands that occupied the top lines for so long — Depeche Mode and A-ha. That’s a good company, is not it?) Roman Vasyanov (photography director of an action movie “Hunting For Piranha” and a serial “Men Don’t Cry”) shot a video clip on “Jonathan”. The shooting took place at the legendary pre-revolutionary art-salon in the Pokrovsky boulevard, which in former times was a favorite place of Fyodor Shalyapin. Video clip “Jonathan” got into rotation of the Muz-TV channel, and still keeps the third line in the “Rock-chart”.

A single “Drug Is Gollandii” became the second main point in GDR’s career. Only a week later after it got into rotation, it hit the 1st line in the top-20 of the “Two capitals chart” on the MAXIMUM radio station, and was recognized as a “break of the week”. Later the guys have devoted this song to Guus Hiddink, Dutchman (the coach of the Russian national football team).

In the summer 2006 GDR gave two remarkable performances on the biggest Russian summer open-airs — “Emmaus” and “Nashestvie”, as well as on the after-party of the MAXIDROM, where they made a jam session with the German band “Fool’s Garden”, internationally known for the hit “Lemon Tree”.

On the November 1st at the “16 Tonn” club there will be held a presentation of their first release “IQ”. The album contains 11 compositions and 1 bonus-track — “Cowboy”. Particularly this song was chosen by a legendary Haydn Bendall (ex-head of the London Abbey Road Studios and ex-producer of Paul McCartney’s, Tina Turner’s, Pet Shop Boys, etc. albums) for his master-class in Moscow.

Have started from the radio singles “Jonathan” and “Drug Is Gollandii” with clear pro-British sound, GDR gradually change their style into the one that they call hard-lounge — hard psychodelic relaxation.

On the November 24th, with the performance on the Nokia Trends festival, the band will open a tour supporting their new release.